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jesus lambchop paul mc cartney 1 med.jpg

click image to view in KATA's eBay Gallery

click image to view in KATA's eBay Gallery

Jesus Broke Out a lambchop Puppet and Hired an Angel in an Attempt to Cheer up a Clinically Depressed Paul McCartney

kata (in character) examines the central themes of the painting above: depression, fame, self-image, etc.

some quick comments by kata on this piece: this is one of the paintings people love or hate. it's been an all time favorite in my eBay Gallery and the one I get the most hate mail about at the same time . At one time it had over 100,000 views on eBay (but eBay took the counter down to zero again in 2022 for some unknown reason. I got an offer from an eBay buyer for 100 grand once. This painting has yet to find a home though. I've sold many REPLICA ORIGINALS but not the PRIMARY. I'm hanging on to it until I find the right collector. It has tremendous potential to appreciate in value. It's not only my largest work on canvas but is one of my graduate thesis pieces. My body of work from that time pictured Jesus' emotions in ways no other artists has. My goal was not to defame The Christ- but to elevate His image and challenge people to imagine (and therefore relate with Him) as a fully real and approachable being.



in the painting above-

Jesus visits a clinically depressed Paul McCartney.

Sliding a Lamb chop Puppet into Paul's peripheral vision;

The Lord moves the puppet's mouth and talks in a falsetto voice

trying to cheer Paul up.

Paul hasn't bothered to get out of his bath robe-

(he's too depressed)...

his socks dangle off the ends of his feet.

On the wall behind Paul is a painting of



Paul put an X through it- and painted red horns on her head.


Frame Orig w gray background.jpg

click image to view in KATA's eBay Gallery

Ringo  Studies  a  Bosch

beatles conserv whole.jpg

SOLD to Colin

Beatles Beach Jesus w Bill gates in frame medium.jpg

SOLD to RED PILL EXPO 2022 buyer 

ELVis Beatles  red pill cropped w type S

After  The  Beatles  Showed  up  at  the  Club  El  Morocco  Elvis  Took  the  Red  Pill

lennon free.jpg

Imagine  Being  Free

14 x 11 beatles bed in for printer.jpg

Paul Walked in on John and Yoko's Bed-In

1 a a John and Guru with koala bear.jpg

John Paused on the Runway to Tell the Guru He Now Understood That He Was The Mother of the Rare Indian Bear He Adopted

John and Pixie 1984 paisley orange w tit

John Knew Too Much So the Illuminatti Killed Him

Bedin square main MED.jpg

Why Do the Young People Now Support WARLORDS

Beatles Mc Cain 1984 correct size for ebay.jpg

The Beatles Wanted Revolution Against WAR- Youth Now Worship Mc Cain, WARLORDS, WAR, and the 1984 Telescreen

Ringo Lyrics on Plane guitar MED.jpg

Ringo Writing Lyrics on a Plane

Sock framed LG.jpg

Yoko Got Bored at the Bed-In So She Got Her Toy Sock Monkey Out

John IMAGINE 24x18 no vax PRINTED.jpg
Beatles Mc Cain 1984 center.jpg
Beatles Toys w fringe main BIG.jpg
1 a a yoko grapefruit fashion show.jpg
1 a a womans place sq.jpg
John Pixie framed MED.jpg
beatles tea rock and folk.jpg
french maids club.jpg
ringo and cakes 11 x 14  for printer.jpg
1 a a Beatles beach.jpg

A  Stranger  Showed  Up  at   the  Beatles  Pool  Party

Guru lg main BIG.jpg
John Guru whole BIG.jpg

click image to view in KATA's eBay Gallery

Beatles beach whole BIG.jpg
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