kata (in character as a Time Traveling Courtesan) examines the central themes of the painting which are PAUL Mc CARTNEY, JESUS, LAMBCHOP, DEPRESSION, FAME and SELF-IMAGE.

This scenario from my imagination shows 'The Lord' visiting -

a clinically depressed

Paul McCartney.

Jesus slides a Lamb chop Puppet in to Paul's peripheral field of vision.

Paul hasn't bothered to get out of his scarlet bath robe.

he's too depressed---

his white socks dangle off the ends of his toes.

On the wall behind him is the cause of his plight...


(some say she broke up the band)...


Paul has taken a paint brush and scrawled an X through one of Yoko's pictures

he painted red "devils horns" on another ---


to quote John Lennon on this topic- "I've always thought there was this underlying thing in Paul's 'Get Back.' When we were in the studio recording it, every time he sang the line 'Get back to where you once belonged," he'd look at Yoko."

Jesus' expression is mischievous.

He knows that Paul doesn't want to communicate directly-

so he moves the puppet's lambswool mouth instead

and uses a falsetto voice...


Frame Orig w gray background.jpg

Ringo  Studies  a  Bosch

1 a a Beatles beach.jpg

A  Stranger  Showed  Up  at   the  Beatles  Pool  Party

ELVis Beatles  red pill cropped w type S

After  The  Beatles  Showed  up  at  the  Club  El  Morocco  Elvis  Took  the  Red  Pill

lennon free.jpg

Imagine  Being  Free

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John and Pixie 1984 paisley orange w tit
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