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TITLE: Bob in Vegas

In this piece, Dylan is my doppelganger- he is speaking visually about the ever increasing meaning of images (as idols).


Bob stands in the middle of a Las Vegas avenue with the famous Las Vegas sign behind him and a ghostly figure that resembles an older version of Elvis. 


He is wearing an historic actors skirt. There is a woman (possibly a call girl) on the sidewalk across from the VEGAS sign. Bob confronts the viewer- by his gaze.

This piece was inspired in about the year 2008 by a story an Asheville lawyer friend of mine told me one night on the phone.


He spoke slowly- as if in shock.

He'd just returned from having a few beers at a corner table in an old established Asheville bar- with some of the town's 'rulers and kings'.

They began passing around pictures from a semi annual trip to a mansion by the ocean in Mexico - they all owned together.

Excepting pictures of ocean and quaint towns- my friend had a dissociative experience as he flipped through the first few images-

They reveled - pornographic half naked- under-aged-  girls and young boys. His mind whirred- as he pieced together the real nature of  - his friends' mansion in Mexico.

My friend became mentally and emotionally unhinged  (having raised two boys and some of their friends like a father hen...).

So he described taking off all his clothes, climbing on top of the table and doing a quick- 'jig' in front of his companions.

The friends howled--, saying-- "that's so..Chris!" --

ie. they didn't get what he was experiencing-

he described it to me as a 'crisis of faith'
I replied- I was sorry that happened- but also said I was proud of his reaction- and assured him it was a very natural reaction of person who was not a heartless pedophile.

I also added that …(sadly),  that hearing of such ‘parties’ was becoming more common place to me.

For years I'd heard stories like this:
wealthy men in government in Charleston- South Carolina having sex parties and leaving behind soiled- diapers for the 'help' to clean up...

or elite women in Aspen having fancy dinner parties with phallic sculptures as the napkin holders (as a symbolic hors d'oeuvre for what was to come--) .


The solution to this moral avalanche seems clear to me. It will be a rebuilding of morals and culture. I also assert it will require (in many people) a distancing from ‘devices’ that make porn accessible- and a reuniting of people with their capacity to empathize with others – and connect emotionally and spiritually- with other people, animals, all of creation and God .

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