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TITLE: Bob in Vegas

In this piece, Dylan is my doppelganger- doing living theater...


standing in the middle of a Las Vegas avenue wearing an historic actors skirt.

This piece was inspired by a story told to me by a lawyer years ago.

He'd just returned from having a few beers at an old established Asheville bar- with some of the town's 'rulers and kings'.

They started passing around pictures from their semi annual trip to a huge house they rented in Mexico.

First were the expected photos of the waves and little towns- but then came the naked children.


His mind was trapped like a record with a scratch in it... 

Then he came unhinged; took off all his clothes, climbed on top of the table and did a 'jig'.

His friends laughed--

They had no idea he was experiencing-

a crisis of faith.

A few years later I heard similar stories; this time- in Charleston- South Carolina. Tales of giant sex parties with soiled diapers and cigars. Stories of regular orgies among the cities' most prominent citizens.

Then in Aspen I was told of dinner parties with napkin holders in the shape of a penises, etc.


It will take people who give a shi# to rebuild morals and culture...distancing from ‘devices’ and reuniting people with their capacity for empathy.  

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