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Mick Jagger Would Not Share Chicken

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The Cat Could Talk When Mick Was High

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The Mick Jagger Coloring Book

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Orwellian Nightmare

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Bob Dylan Studies the Fall of Pride at Studio 54 in New York City

video with Kata talking about the painting

The Devil Mis-judged the Amount of Temptation Needed- and the Plan Backfired

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Liberace and His Mother Invited the Stones to Dinner and the Toy


Poodles and Apes Performed

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The Cat Changed the Macrame to Say   


Kata in a Video Talking About This Painting

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Mick Jagger Thinks of Sexy Girls From a Different Time

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Mick Assaulted Some Clowns in the Park

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Mick Was Bored When Fantasizing About Girls so He Turned His Fantasies

                                        to Robots Instead

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The Devil's Goals For Our Time

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