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using the VISUAL ARTS (painting, drawing, cartoons, sketches, macrame, toilet paper art, bathroom wall stickers, writing on your car, calligraphy, sculpture, clay figurines, puppets, etc.)

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the piece below is another one of kata's controversial Jesus paintings. the  reason kata chooses to shock with imagery at times is written about extensively in her graduate thesis work and other blogs etc.

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Kata is not the first artist to present the world with shocking Christian imagery- although it would seem that way in our current politically correct societies.


Bosch was a Christian artist who lived centuries ago. His work was very shocking. Next, we will look at how he manged to 

red pill his generation.

but first a bit of historic background--during his time - there was an overabundance of water borne illness, lack of sanitation, plagues, famines and infant mortality. Death lurked around every corner.


Therefore a central message of Bosch's preaching in paint was “there is heaven- and there is hell- choose now... this may be your last day to do so”.


That message is outdated for now.. Life spans are much longer, people rarely die during childbirth or as infants in the Western world.


So the message Bosch brought to his time now translates as 'hell fire and damnation'--(pressuring people to accept Christ by threatening hell). It repulses people. And yet a few hundred years ago it was the “good news”! How can that be? It’s a simple answer.

These are two different time periods and the people of each generation are the ones who will define what is the central need for them as the good news (gospel)

Today I assert it is belonging. Belonging is a central element of the good news that is felt in the heart of every human being as our civilization becomes increasingly splintered apart. I also assert that healing has always been central to the good news of every era and it is being revised in our time. Hospitals are necessary and keep many people alive. But hospitals are also increasingly failing the many wounded and ill people of the world. Only a supernatural God has the answer for an incurable disease. So the message (and the supernatural power of God to bring the message to reality) that God heals the incurable aids or cancer victim is truly a gospel needed for this time.

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Salvadore Dali red pilled his generation hundreds of years after Bosch did his. Since the time period dictates the best red-pill message-  Dali used the what was current.


Crick and Watson had discovered D.N.A. That- (and other discoveries in the quantum realm) finally  proved the resurrection of Christ to be possible. 

an excerpt follows from Etherington/ Smith "fascination with Crick and Watson’s groundbreaking
work in the early 1960s is particularly evident
in Galacidalacidesoxyribonucleicacid (1963).
Gala, with back turned toward the audience, surveys
a devastated nuclear landscape with a representation
of the DNA structure of a salt molecule (composed
of soldiers with rifles pointed at one another’s
heads) to her right and a model of Crick and Watson’s
DNA structure above her left shoulder. Yet, the image
that dominates the painting is of God reaching down
from above to lift the limp body of Christ. As Dalí
stated, the theme of the painting is as ‘long as the
genetical [sic] persistence of human memory. As
announced by the prophet Isaiah—the Saviour contained
in God’s head from which one sees for the first
time in the iconographic history his arms repeating
the molecular structures of Crick and Watson and
lifting Christ’s dead body so as to resurrect him in
heaven" (Etherington-Smith 1992: 353).


video directly below- is GREAT! the one at the bottom of this page is too...

and can be found on face book. its an augmented reality video from the dali museum not available by link- (sorry)

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