KATA Billups (signs her work as KATA)

Thousands of people across the globe collect Kata's work-


some are celebrities.


this is the most recent list.

light blue background describes the collector.

gray background describes a bit about how they found my art and what they own. - please know this page will be progressing as I get the time to add to it.

Willie Nelson (singer songwriter musician and activist)

Willie was visiting R.E.M.'s Booking manager and noticed a piece of my work. He was gifted a piece of my work by that gentleman.

Trudie and Sting (Sting is a musician and actor, was the principal songwriter, lead singer, and bassist for the new wave rock band the Police from 1977 to 1984. he then launched a solo career with his music. Trudie is and actress and producer)

Trudie and Sting were gifven a piece of my work by a someone who once helped mange Studio 54 in N.Y.C.

Susan Sarandon ( is an actress perhaps known best for her films Dead Man Walking, Thelma and Louise, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Susan Sarandon was visiting her husband, Tim Robbins on the set of his film in Memphis in 1992. At the same time, I'd been asked to show some of my Elvis work at a non profit gallery named Delta Axis. There was a local character (practically the mayor of cool) in Memphis named Lamar Sorrento who had a warehouse of unusual things and among those objects were some of my Elvis art. Susan wandered in to Lamar's place and bought seven or eight pieces of my work and then asked Lamar where she could find more of it. He pointed her to the Delta Axis gallery and she asked her limo driver to head on over. There she purchase two more large pieces of my Elvis work. One was called I Saw Elvis Selling Velvet Paintings from a V. W. Van in a Lot.

Julia Roberts (actress)

Jimmy Vaughan, (blues legend, singer songwriter and musician)

Dennis and Randy Quaid (actors. some of Dennis' major roles were Great Balls of Fire, The Right Stuff and Something to Talk About) some of Randy's major roles were Paper Moon, Independence Day, The Last Picture Show and National Lampoon's Vacation films. Randy is also an activist. He's exposed a dirty secret of film and theater producers who take out insurance claims on their tallent (and collect when they mysteriously die like Quaid's friend David Carradine). Quaid has been called a conspiracy theorist (a badge put on anyone who speaks against the rich, powerful and the official narrative).

Janis Ian (singer songwriter and musician )

Carry Elwes (actor)

R.E.M. (alternative rock band, musicians singers and songwriters)

The Mavericks (singers songwriters and musicians)

Tim Burton (director best known for the original Batman Films)

Trisha Yearwood (singer songwriter - married to singer songwriter Garth Brooks)

Leon and Jeri Gast (Leon is the and Producer and Director of ‘When We Were Kings’ He spent 22 years making an Oscar-winning movie about the 1974 Ali-Foreman boxing match, considered one of the greatest sporting events of all time.

Ratso (Larry) Sloman (Ratso is an author, friend of Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan and was an integral part of the Velvet Underground) some of his best loved writing includes-

Jimmy Buffet   (singer songwriter and musician) some of Jimmy's best loved songs include Margaritaville, A Pirate Looks at Forty, Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes and Son Of A Son Of A Sailor.

Jimmy sent his dear friend and business associate Sunshine Smith to my home in about 1996 to purchase some of my art. Through her, he bought a piece of my Janis Joplin art for his daughter, a piece of my Elvis art for his home and commissioned an Elvis  painting for one of his bars in Key West.

John Hiatt (singer songwriter and musician) some of Hiatt's best loved songs include Thing Called Love, Memphis in the Meantime and Slow Turning


Kata paints Rock & Roll Icons like The BEATLES, BOB DYLAN, THE ROLLING STONES,& THE BEATLES and others- creating "postmodern parables of our time" quote by Todd Capp a New York City art representative and writer.


She also paints iconoclastic work about spiritual matters in contemporary culture

(a new website about that work will be developing soon) .